The toughest weekend expeditions at the frontiers of our planet

FoundLost is an exclusive club that organizes the most tough and challenging weekend-long expeditions around Asia. Expeditions are open for up to 5 people, led by a local guide and available only a few weekends per year due their logistical intensity and difficulty.

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About FoundLost

Upcoming Expeditions


Upcoming Expeditions

Note that expeditions are separated into two categories:

How it works

  1. Join the interest list, you’ll receive an email once every several months with upcoming expeditions
  2. Become a member and apply to join an expedition (members will receive priority)
    1. I’ll put together bespoke training programs, equipment lists, etc…
  3. Qualify yourself for increasingly challenging expeditions

If you want to organize a bespoke expedition just for you and your mates, explore here.